Sun Dried Figs

The fame of the Turkish figs is not only due to volume in trade but also this fame comes from their high quality, natural flavors, and deliciousness. Sarılop (aka Calimyrna) is the most well-known variety.


Sun Dried Apricots

Turkey is the leading producer and exporter of dried apricots which are a great source of fiber, antioxidants, and polyphenols. There are two types of dried apricots: Natural Dried Apricots and Sulphured Dried Apricots.



Dried fruits obtain by reducing the water content of 75-80% of fresh fruits to 20- 25%. The sugar ratio of vegetables and fruits increases through this process, so their endurance does. The most common dried fruit types; are figs, apricots, and grapes. Dried fruits are a healthy snack that consumers can use for a long time.

Dried Figs

No Fat and Cholesterol
Gluten and Nut Allergen Free

From the beginning of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations up to today, this sacred, mystic fruit has been very well known to the population of our world. The roots of its latin name (F. Carica) come from Caria region of southwest Turkey, which had been an active region both in terms of production and trade during the 1st millennium B.C..

Detail Dried Figs

Dried Apricots

No Fat and Cholesterol,
Gluten and Nut Allergen Free

Natural Dried Apricots are dried directly under the sunlight and have light and dark brown colors. Sulphured Dried Apricots have bright colors and longer shelf life that varies from light-yellow to orange. Dried Apricots are often consumed as a snack and can mix with other dried fruits and nuts. Dried apricots are a source of potassium, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin B.

Detail Dried Apricots
About Us


King Brand was founded in 1969 and worked mainly domestically before introducing unpolluted and organic fruits to the world and finally decided to become a part of the journey with its products by knowing that Turkey is famous for producing dried fruits.



King Brand's mission is to produce the highest quality dried fruits which is why we use high-technology machines while growing and processing dried fruits. For this process, it is vital to use Camera Sorters, Laser Sorters, and X-ray Detectors that help our fruits to be preserved and packaged in the best and healthiest way possible before and after reaching our customers. By the Automatic Multi Heads Weighing Packaging Machines, we also offer the possibility to let our customers choose their desired packaging with weight of between 50grams up to 25kilograms.

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    indoor area
  • 4000
    tons of figs
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King Brand has BRC, IFS, SEDEX, KOSHER, USDA ORGANIC, and ECO CERT certificates to meet international quality and food safety standards.