Brand History

King Brand was officially founded in 1969 in the Aegean region of Western Turkey in the town of Nazilli (Aydın Province). The same year marked the first exports to Europe. At that time, the company was mainly involved in producing goods on the domestic level and quickly gained recognition as a successful company as being one of the first ones to introduce pure organic products for the population in the region just before introducing its products to Europe. 

An excellent understanding of the benefits of our climate and fertile soil enabled us to produce our goods in the best possible way. As a result, the main target of our company is clear: Enable everyone to get the most delicious and healthy fruits. 

Moreover, we can assure our customers that there are no alternatives for our products as we produce the goods with great passion and love. Every single employee of our company has destined to provide healthy and organic products to the citizen of our world with the same approach. Our mission statement is also clear and understandable: Good Nutrition Is Our Mission

In addition, we promise to continue producing the finest quality goods which are not genetically modified for all our consumers and especially for their children because children are our future.