Sun Dried Figs

Organic Dried figs are brownish in color, soft in texture, big in size, and rich in nutrition aspects.

Being dried naturally under the sun, this fruit has low water activity levels which allow longlife storage and transportation under ambient conditions.

The dried fig is a very low energy (sun-dried) and water (rain-fed) demanding product with very low carbon footprint and low-input (e.g. pesticides, fertilizers) use.

Weight per Package(g) 200g-500g 200g-1000g 200g-1000g 200g-1000g 200g-1000g 200g-500g 80g-1000g 8oz-40oz
200g-1000g - -
Weight per Box (kg) 12 kg 12,5 kg 12,5 kg 12,5 kg 12,5 kg 12 kg 6 kg 14 kg 12,5 kg 10-15 kg 10-15 kg

Why Turkish dried figs?

Turkey produces 50% of the world's dried fruits and exports dried fruits to about 2/3 of the world. Turkey is the most developed and experienced country in this sector.

Turkey's dried fruits are the best option for quality and natural flavor.

From the beginning of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations up to today, this sacred, mystic fruit has been very well known to the population of our world. The roots of its latin name (F. Carica) come from Caria region of southwest Turkey, which had been an active region both in terms of production and trade during the 1st millennium B.C..